Foster Clark Products Ltd

Meet Our People



Natasha started her journey at Foster Clark as an engineering clerk and, after several years’ experience, she was given the chance to read for a Diploma in Procurement, where she learnt new tasks and expanded her knowledge of existing ones. After she passed her exam, she was promoted to Engineering Procurement Officer. Over the past few years she has learnt a lot and improved her skill set, both within the procurement section and when handling other  engineering related tasks.


Tell us about your present role?

My main function is in procurement, thus issuing purchase orders in order to replenish the spare stock in all our factories. This entails obtaining the best quotes with the minimum delivery dates and prices, tendering for various services, and handling of all administrative duties.


What attracted you to Foster Clark?

When I applied for the job, Foster Clark was still in its initial stages of expanding but it was already a well-established and promising company. Therefore, I knew I could look forward to job security and good future career opportunities within it.


What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I feel appreciated for the work that I do and is rewarded with new career opportunities. This ambience leads to more job satisfaction and increases my willingness to improve on my performance. I also enjoy expressing my ideas, as I know that these will be taken into consideration.


What is the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part is to keep the spare parts stock up-to-date, to avoid any possible machine stoppages due to lack of parts. Another related point is the challenge of obtaining the best possible prices for these parts.


What do you reckon makes Foster Clark different?

Foster Clark has provided me with a continuous challenge to expand, and always aims at improving its employees’ job security and satisfaction. Foster Clark is not only a great place of work, but a friendly environment too.