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Our Brands represent a wide range of product categories across its portfolio, offering authentic quality and value to consumers around the globe.

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Our Story

  1. 1889

    George Foster Clark, then just 25 years old, begins experimenting in his mother’s kitchen. He wanted to discover better ways to make baking aids, cake flour and even lemonade powder.

  2. 1891

    With an initial share capital of £27.50, George starts Foster Clark & Co together with his two brothers, William and Henry.

  3. 1895

    The company purchases part of the former Chambers Jam Factory on Hart Street.

  4. 1910

    With a capital of £54,300, Foster Clark is registered as a private company – the size of the premises is increased, as was the range of its products.

  5. 1928

    Foster Clark is registered as a public company on the London Stock Exchange, with a capital of £500,000. Company shares are given to all employees who have been in service for over 10 years.

  6. 1929

    The company becomes one of the first in Great Britain to add the canning of fruit and vegetables to its product range.

  7. 1950

    Financial hardship hits the firm when demand shifts towards fast and frozen foods.

  8. 1960

    Foster Clark merged with St Martin Group of companies.

  9. 1961

    The company faces another setback when one of its largest warehouses is destroyed by fire.

  10. 1963

    Sales continue to fall after the fire and the company is put up for sale to keep it afloat.

  11. 1965

    Foster Clark is sold to OXO Ltd, who continue the trade of Foster Clark within its own organisation.

  12. 1967

    Paul Busuttil, a distributor for Foster Clark in Malta, encourages owners OXO/Brooke to set up a join venture manufacturing in Malta.

  13. 1974

    Frank Busuttil succeeds his father and contributes to the growth of the business, both in Malta and overseas.

  14. 1984

    Unilever acquires Brooke Bond and its share in Foster Clark.

  15. 1986

    Charles Busuttil succeeds his brother and leads the company to the next stage of its development.

  16. 1992

    A major investment programme sees the opening of new office premises, as well as the introduction of a ‘wet goods’ production plant.

  17. 1997

    The start of a new era is marked by the inauguration of a new factory and offices.

  18. 2000

    The Busuttil family acquires all the shares in Foster Clark Products.

  19. 2009

    The company continues to invest in new state-of-the-art production facilities, and expands its geography footprint.

  20. 2011

    Joseph Busuttil succeeded his uncle who is currently leading the company to the next stage of its development

  21. 2014

    A newly constructed automated logistics centre with 16,000 + Sqm of storage space was inaugurated

  22. 2015

    Saw the taking over of B&S Manufacturing & B&S Exports operations and trading.

  23. 2017

    A 50th anniversary milestone adds great value to the trustworthiness and reliability of a company. For the past 50 years, the company has established itself as a market leader in the food and beverage industry. As it turns 50, the company looks ahead to continued growth which, for the past years, has been achieved through leadership, innovation, strategic investment and by becoming a global brand of choice.

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First aid training

First Aid Training

June 14, 2018

One of our First Aid Teams during their refresher training. Well done team.

FIre fighters

A different day at the office!

June 14, 2018

One of our Fire Fighting Teams after an intensive training session. Well done team.

image of 50th anniversary

Bringing back the memories!

June 14, 2018

#TBT Bringing back the memories of one great night! Celebrating 50 Years of Foster Clark’s in Malta!

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At Foster Clark Products, we’re grateful for the continued trust people place in our company and products, which makes us all the more aware of our responsibilities to society, and all the more determined to support the community and the environment in a meaningful way.

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Whether you’re just starting out your career, or you have expertise in a particular area, a world of opportunity awaits you at Foster Clark Products Ltd. A job at Foster Clark Products Ltd is a career made by you, with development opportunities to shape your own path as you work with a forward looking company, dedicated to developing our products as well as our people.

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