Foster Clark Products Ltd

Meet Our People



Maurice joined Foster Clark in 1982 as part of the Quality Control team and was given the opportunity to work within the operations function, in the role of Production Supervisor, in 1987.
In 1991, Foster Clark started to broaden its wet goods brands and Maurice was selected to control the production and preparation of all canned foods, and in 1996 he moved to the newly-built dry goods plant.

In 2003, once a strong team of control room supervisors was formed and trained, Maurice was given the role of Assistant Factory Manager, and eventually appointed a Factory Manager of the same site in 2007.

In 2009, he was entrusted with the responsibility of a Factory Manager at a new manufacturing site.  He says, “I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to go through this journey throughout these years. It has made me grow and mature from a young man to a father of a family I owe much to.”


Tell us more about your present role?
My current role is that of a Factory Manager, at our latest state-of-the-art production facility. My main objectives are to carefully manage the production of our products to the highest level of quality, particularly in food safety, in the most efficient way and within agreed deadlines and timeframes. Providing a safe workplace to our employees is of paramount importance to us at Foster Clark. We believe that all our people are talented in one way or another, and it is up to us managers to recognise and develop their potential.


What attracted you to Foster Clark?
From my early days, Foster Clark immediately showed me that this company had an irresistible drive to grow. It was still part of the Unilever Group at the time, but it was clear that Foster Clark had the courage to change and become one of the leading brands. This was further solidified when the Busuttil Group became the sole owner of the company.


What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Being part of a successful team – wherein we work together to achieve excellent results, even if the challenges sometimes seem difficult to overcome. Customer satisfaction is also one of the most rewarding parts of my role.


What is the most challenging part of your job?
Challenges are opportunities to make us better at what we do and to learn from them. It gives me great satisfaction when a project, a change or a production run with a tight timeframe and any activity, irrespective of how difficult it looks, is achieved in the right spirit with a large percentage of participants on board, all aiming for one objective: success.


What do you reckon makes Foster Clark different?
Since the beginning, Foster Clark has never looked back and never ceased to register constant growth. Its flexibility to adapt to new markets, customer requirements and innovation is one of our strongest points, which in my opinion make us distinct.